Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five.

Every now and then I want to feature a few blogs that I like and that influence me in some way, whether as a blogger, collector, or writer, and sometimes they're just fun. Today I start with five blogs that I enjoy regularly.

Char, who runs Doll Diaries, is, simply put, a real gem. She loves to share what she knows and finds, and she knows and finds some great stuff! She's primarily focused on American Girl and other 18" play dolls, and her Wilde Wednesday posts highlight her branching out into WI and Tonner dolls. I admit to being a regular aider and abetter in this.

Tiggy is....well, you have to go see her. Tiggy is one of my all-time favorite doll characters, brought to life as few others have ever been. Tiggy speaks in Firefly, which isn't all that hard to read, but can be a real challenge to speak. I've tried. It ain't easy.

I've contributed to this one a few times, so you know it's quality. ;D Seriously, all the best news, views, reviews, and other things that rhyme, all about Tonner Doll, all in one place. And videos! Robert Tonner himself is very photogenic. Go check it out.

Karen just comes up with the coolest stuff. She focuses on crafts, most of them easy and inexpensive, for your dolls and for your kids. I don't have small kids myself, but I've been accused (not unkindly, I hope!) of being perpetually twelve, so most of what Karen posts really appeals to me. She finds great dollar store stuff, too.

Run by Alison Rasmussen, who is also the writer of and a couple of other wonderful books about dolls, is the primary voice of FDR. If Alison doesn't know it about a fashion doll, it isn't worth knowing. Go check her out. She's a real sweetheart in person, too.

That's my first five! Have a blog you want to see me feature? Have a suggestion of a blog you love that you think I might like, too? Leave me a comment!


  1. Thank you for making my Friday! And yes, you have been known to instigate in the doll collecting realm just a BIT! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have a few cool doll craft blogs. They have to be easy to do, as I am limited in my skills! 1st & foremost is Char's blog! Then I go to Inner Child Fun, Life in the Craft Lane, & My Froggy Stuff blog.

  3. Oh, how sweet! I think you're just the best, Charlie! :)

  4. Try this one on for size, She goes into great detail! Another is


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