Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 47 of 61 Days of Martie

Today we went to get art and craft supplies, at , which has almost everything (no fabric etc but every other artsy-craftsy thing you'd want). Martie was low on all her painting supplies, so she got an early Christmas gift of all she needs.
First thing we found was a jingle-bell scrunchy that will actually fit Martie as a skirt! She'll be jingly all day on the 25th. Better get back to the art section before we get thoroughly distracted with all the sparkly holiday stuff.

These brushes are just the right size.

Of course we need canvases.

Don't forget the easel!

I don't know, this sketch pad might be a bit large for Martie.

This box seems to be just the right size, though, as everything will fit very nicely inside, safe from marauding tabby cats.

Oh, a little sketching set! This seems to be a good size for Martie, with an itty-bitty sketch pad and small thin pencils.

And last, we choose paint. These pans of watercolors seem to be just the thing.
Now we just have to set up her little studio, and my little artist can draw and paint to her heart's content. She can't wait until her drawing table comes from Tonner!


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