Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just beachy.

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that my is pigeon-toed. It's a stringing issue--she will stand with legs lovely and straight, but then they sloooooowly turn until she's like this:

 This doesn't bother me, I think it's cute. If I wanted to fix it myself, I could, so no worries. The stance makes her look rather shy, like she's scuffing her toes in the sand.

She really is a pretty thing. I love her coloring. And in case you're wondering why I bought this particular AG when I hadn't bought any others previously (except for my daughter's Addy in 1993--my daughter was 9, wanted Addy BAD, Addy was new that year, AG wasn't sure they could get her to me on time for Xmas...then around 4 pm on Xmas Eve, the UPS man came with Addy, and it was a Really Good Xmas) (PS--yes, that means we have a First Edition Addy, very well-loved):



As someone who had to wear awful shoes when I was a kid because my toes turn in (they did little to correct the issue), I have to say I LOVE her turned-in feet. My Addy does that, too.


Did the shoes go over your ankles? The shoes wouldn't help much without a brace, seems to me...Sorry you were screwed out of cute shoes. ;P My feet do the opposite, and point *out* if I don't pay attention. Flop like a walrus. ;D


I had to wear braces to make my feet turn out when I was a kid; I heartily approve of simply letting her feet turn in. And I love her hair! She's gorgeous.


Ugh, braces. I don't see too many of those these days, I wonder if it's no longer considered a big problem. Isn't her hair amazing? It's so full and thick and play-able!


That's one thing about the AG dolls, they are definitely meant to play with.

I have no idea why they don't do it any more; I always had corrective shoes, too. Maybe we just get better shoes in general these days?


I ordered a My American Girl a few days ago (cracked like a walnut, weak, weak...) with strawberry-blond hair, and I can't wait to get my mitts on her and braid my brains out.

akamarykate said...

I never had a brace, but my youngest sister had this awful thing she had to wear while she SLEPT, a metal bar attached to two shoes to force her feet to turn out. Ugh.

Heeeeee, you're going all AG on me now. Welcome!


Oh, that sounds like torture!

Kanani converted me, blame her! She was such a PIP! Then I wandered into that AG store in DC and the resistance was futile: I was assimilated.


Oh, MaryKate, that's what I had to wear, though I never could figure out how you were supposed to sleep in the damned thing.

Does putting a "Canadian girl" doll on my list ocunt?

The dolls, they are EVERYWHERE. They will rule the world, yes? Forget about robots.


Yes, it ocunts. ;D

The dolls certainly rule MY world. Woot!

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